The best Easter holiday destinations

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Windmills and tulips near Amsertdam

Easter is a brilliant holiday. The first few months of the year are cold and dark. Maybe, money’s tight after Christmas. You’ve had to fork out for that summer holiday.  You can’t remember the last time you felt the sun on your face.

What you need is a a holiday. A break from the routine. And along comes Easter and the start of spring! Nothing could be more welcome. It’s not just bunnies and lambs that arrive with the change of the season. Longer days, brighter skies. The approach of summer. Spring and Easter are time of hope! Hope that the cold and rain are behind you! Until the end of summer, at least! Hope that summer will be longer than a random week in May this year!

Where to go though? The world is your oyster! Just a very big one. It all depends on your budget too. A day trip to Brighton is clearly cheaper than a week in Tokyo – unless you live in Tokyo, of course! But whether you travel near of far, we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time. Humans love new stuff. So go somewhere new, maybe. Or go somewhere old and do something new. It’s up to you!

So, here’s our guide to the best Easter holiday destinations. Maybe, one of them will take your fancy. Is it a definitive guide? Of course not. There are a million places to go. Wherever you choose and whatever you do, have fun and happy Easter!

Dubai: beat the summer heat!

Topiary horses in Dubai

Dubai, a city that never fails to amaze, makes for a marvellous Easter destination. March and April are your last chance to enjoy the milder (though still lovely and warm) weather before the scorching summer sets in, making it perfect for exploration. The city is not just about impressive skyscrapers and luxurious shopping; it also offers cultural experiences like no other.

Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Easter coincides with this spectacular garden being in full bloom. This amazing place is home to more than 150 million flowers! Your eyes and ears will be in heaven. If you’re travelling with kids, they’ll the Smurfs Village and the giant floral teddy bear.

Explore Old Dubai

For a taste of the city’s history and culture, visit the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and the Dubai Museum. Dubai was once a small fishing village. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse into what the city was like before the age of skyscrapers and man-made islands began!

Desert Safari

Experience the spirit of the desert with a safari, which often ends with a traditional Bedouin camp dinner under the stars. It’s one of the quintessential Dubai experiences.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa? A visit here offers breathtaking views of the cityscape, especially magical during the sunset.

Tokyo: Cherry blossom heaven

Cherry blossom in Tokyo

There is no sight quite as mesmerizing as Tokyo during cherry blossom season. Easter often aligns with the peak blooming period, making it an ideal time to visit. The city streets are filled with amazing blankets of pink clouds and the fragrant vanilla scent of the blossom.

Hanami Parties

Join the locals in a “hanami,” the traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, underneath the blooming sakura (cherry blossoms). Hanami parties take place all over the city.

Visit Shinjuku Gyoen

One of Tokyo’s largest and most popular parks for cherry blossom viewing, offering several different types of cherry trees, all of which are heavy with blossom come spring.

Explore Asakusa

Visit the Senso-ji Temple, one of Tokyo’s most colourful and popular temples. This ancient temple was founded more than a thousand years ago, making it the oldest in the city. It’s all you could want a Buddhist temple to be!

Interesting Fact: The cherry blossom (sakura) is deeply symbolic in Japanese culture. It represents the beauty and the fragility of life.

Amsterdam: Tulips in Keukenhof Garden

Tulips in Amsterdam

Everyone knows the song “Tulips from Amsterdam”. It’s called that for a reason. Amsterdam is the tulip capital of world and has been since the 17th century.  In spring, the city is alive with these brightly coloured flowers, which makes it the perfect time to visit.

Keukenhof Gardens

Situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam and often referred to as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens and the very best place to see tulips! Any trip here in spring should include a visit to see this amazing spring spectacle!

Bike Tour

Feeling energetic? Rent a bike and set out to explore the Dutch countryside, which is adorned with stunningly colourful tulip fields in the spring.

Amsterdam Flower Market

For a uniquely Amsterdam experience, visit the only floating flower market in Europe, where you can see an amazing variety of flowers including, of course, plenty of delightful Dutch tulips.

Interesting Fact: Tulips were so valuable at one point in 17th century Holland that one bulb could be worth as much as six houses! Today, the Netherlands is still the world’s largest producer of Tulips. You just don’t need a mortgage to buy one anymore.

Dominican Republic: it’s the dry season!

Beach and lighthouse in Domincan Republic

If your idea of Easter involves sun, sand, and sea, then the Dominican Republic is the perfect escape. Blessed with warm weather and clear skies, spring is the perfect time to visit due to it being the dry season. It’s an ideal time to explore the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.


Visit Punta Cana or Puerto Plata for some of the Caribbean’s best beaches. Easter is an ideal time for beachgoers, as the weather is typically sunny with comfortable temperatures perfect for swimming or just lounging under the palms. Punta Cana is known for its all-inclusive resorts that cater to families, with kids’ clubs, entertainment, and activities that are suitable for all ages, making it a hassle-free destination for an Easter family holiday.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, offers a blend of rich historical heritage, vibrant street life, and Caribbean charm. Its heart lies in the Zona Colonial district, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with Spanish colonial monuments and architecture dating back five centuries including the first cathedral, hospital, and university in the Americas.

Water Sports

The Dominican Republic is a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts, blessed with crystal-clear waters and favourable winds that create the perfect playground for a diversity of aquatic adventures. From the exhilarating kiteboarding and windsurfing at Cabarete, known as the Caribbean’s kitesurfing capital, to world-class surfing at Playa Encuentro and deep-sea fishing off the coast of Punta Cana, the island caters to all levels of thrill-seekers.

Interesting Fact: The Dominican Republic is known for its outstanding natural beauty, including the highest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, and Lake Enriquillo, the region’s largest saltwater lake.

Brighton: Cheerful English charm

Pier in Brighton

Brighton, with its quintessentially English seaside charm, comes to life as the spring sunshine (hopefully) brightens its famous pebble beaches. Easter is a wonderful time to take in the fresh sea air and lively atmosphere of this lively coastal city.

Brighton Palace Pier

For a taste of traditional British holiday fun, you have to visit Brighton Palace Pier. Enjoy classic arcade games, fairground rides, and traditional fish and chips. Eat your chips on the pier but watch out for the seagulls! Having seagulls steal your lunch is the ultimate British seaside activity!

The Royal Pavilion

Imagine if the Taj Mahal was built in Britain and you’ll have an idea of what the Royal Pavilion is like. If you’re visiting Brighton, you’ll definitely want to explore this extravagant palace with its unique blend of Regency grandeur and Indian architecture.

Hop-On Hop-Off Brighton

The best way to get around town is on our hop-on hop-off bus. Brighton is an attractive city so there’s lots to see from the top of our open-top bus. If you’re only in Brighton for the day, it’s the perfect way to get around and see all the sights. If you’re coming down from London on the train, there’s a stop just outside the station to help make life easy!

Interesting Fact: Brighton’s Royal Pavilion was built as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who later became King George IV. It’s a pretty good indication of his extravagant lifestyle and tastes. If you could afford to build yourself a palace, what design would you choose? We’d go for one that looked like a hop-on hop-off bus!

Seville: Semana Santa celebrations

Nazrenos with Candles in Seville

Seville’s Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is one of the most spellbinding religious events in the world. The city’s streets come alive with processions, traditional music, and the scent of incense.

Witness the Processions

Immerse yourself in the emotion of the city-wide processions featuring pasos (religious floats) and costaleros (float bearers). The streets fill with people eager to catch a glimpse of the pasos as they pass by. Seville at Easter really is an experience like no other.

Explore the Old Town

The Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville is a maze of ancient streets, that feels like it hasn’t changed much since the Middle Ages. It’s an easy place to get lost in, but lost in a good way!  Two buildings not to be missed are Seville Cathedral and the incredible Alcazar, which is a stunning example of Mudéjar architecture.

Sample Spanish Cuisine

Try some tasty traditional tapas. There are so many different delicious ones to try, from salmorejo (a cold tomato soup) to solomillo al whisky, delicious pork in a whisky sauce. If you’re visiting at Easter, don’t make sure you try torrijas, a typical Semana Santa sweet treat.

Interesting Fact: Semana Santa in Seville dates back to at least the 16th century, and it’s known for the intricate detail and artistry of its floats and costumes.

Berlin: Springtime festivities

Park in Berlin in SpringAs the capital of Germany shakes off the last chill of winter, Berlin becomes a city reborn in spring. Easter and Holy Week offer a unique perspective on this historically rich metropolis.

Easter Markets

Easter markets in Berlin are a colourful and vibrant testament to the city’s rich cultural tapestry and love for festive celebrations. Held in various locations across the capital, these markets come alive with the spirit of spring, featuring beautifully decorated stalls that offer everything from traditional Easter decorations and handcrafted goods to scrumptious local and seasonal delicacies. Notable markets, such as the one at Alexanderplatz or the Ostern in der Kulturbrauerei, turn into bustling hubs of activity where families and visitors can take part in egg hunts, enjoy live music, and witness the traditional art of egg painting.

Gardens of the World

The “Gardens of the World” (Gärten der Welt) in Berlin is a horticultural treasure that invites guests on a global journey through garden design. This expansive green sanctuary spans over 100 hectares, featuring authentic gardens from various cultures around the world. Each section is meticulously crafted to showcase traditional landscaping styles from the likes of China, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East, among others. It’s a tranquil retreat and a source of inspiration for garden lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike.

Cultural Sites

Berlin is packed with historic and cultural sites, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Reichstag Building and the TV Tower. You don’t get to be a world capital like Berlin without acquiring a bit of history!

Interesting Fact: Berlin is known for its eclectic mix of architecture, where historical buildings are juxtaposed with modern, innovative structures.

Barcelona: Catalan traditions

Sagrada Familia in Spring, blue skiesEaster in Barcelona blends religious solemnity with the vibrant personality of Catalan culture. Explore the Gothic Quarter, witness the unique processions, and take in the art and architecture for which the city is renowned.

La Rambla

Experience the heartbeat of Barcelona’s street life with its performers, markets, and buzzing cafes. This street is an experience in itself. You can’t come to Barcelona and not take a stroll down The Rambla.

Sagrada Familia

Visit Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece, especially poignant during Easter. This incredible building has been under construction for more than a century! There’s going to be some party when it’s finally finished!


Take a day trip to this nearby monastery, an important pilgrimage site during Easter. It’s located high in the mountains in a truly spectacular place. Whether or not you’re religious, it’s a place that you just have to visit.

Interesting Fact: Barcelona’s Good Friday procession from the Sant Jaume Church is a moving spectacle, with the “Virgin of Macarena” being an especially revered image during the festivities.

Porto: Portuguese charm and tradition

Skyline of Porto in SpringExperience the old-world charm of Porto during Easter, where tradition and springtime beauty blend seamlessly.

Douro River Cruises

See the stunning landscape of Porto and the Douro Valley from the water. You’ll see this amazing city from a whole new perspective when you take a cruise on the Douro. You can’t really say you’ve seen Porto until you see it from the deck of a boat!

Port Wine Cellars

Porto is most famous for port. This delicious drink has been made here for centuries and the banks of the Douro are dotted with Port Cellars where you can sample the city’s legendary tipple. Nothing beats sitting in the sun and looking out over the water while you enjoy a glass of port.

Historic Centre

Explore the Ribeira District, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its picturesque narrow streets and traditional boats. For us, it’s one of Europe’s most charming places. You can spend hours exploring here.

Interesting Fact: Porto’s São Francisco Church is renowned for its lavish Baroque interior covered in gold leaf, a sight particularly moving during the solemnity of Easter.

Palma de Mallorca: Island Serenity

Windmill in old town, Palma de MallorcaPalma de Mallorca, with its blissful Mediterranean climate, is an oasis of calm during the Easter holidays.

La Seu Cathedral

Visit this Gothic masterpiece, especially during the Easter services which are an integral part of the Easter traditions. La Seu is very much Palma’s landmark monument. It looms over the city like a giant ship.

Paseo Maritimo

Take a stroll along the Paseo Maritimo and admire the many boats and yachts that moor in the harbour. It’s a good way to see how the other half live – unless, of course, you’re part of the other half! If that’s the case, can we come on board your yacht one day. We’ll let you go on out bus in exchange!

Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle, perched on a hill overlooking the city of Palma on the island of Majorca, Spain, is a castle that you literally have to look round due to the fact that it’s circular!  Commissioned by King James II of Majorca in the 14th century, the castle’s unique design includes three semi-circular towers connected to the main body and a detached tower linked via a bridge. Once a royal residence, the castle has served various purposes including a military prison during the Spanish Civil War. Today, it houses the History Museum of Palma and offers panoramic views of the city, the port, and the stunning Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Interesting Fact: The Cossiers dance, an emblematic aspect of Mallorca’s Easter celebrations, is a traditional dance that only takes place during specific festivities, including Easter.

Thessaloniki: Greek Easter festivities

Catherdal in ThessalonikiThessaloniki offers a rich tapestry of Byzantine history and Greek Easter traditions, with the city radiating a festive atmosphere. Remember Easter in Greece is generally a few weeks after Easter in Western Europe!

Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square is the vibrant heart of Thessaloniki.  Designed by French architect Ernest Hébrard in the 20th century, the square is a grandiose blend of neo-classical and modernist styles and serves as a popular meeting point for both residents and tourists. Lined with impressive buildings, cafés, and shops, the square opens up to the Thermaic Gulf, offering breathtaking views of the waterfront.

Byzantine Monuments

Take a tour of the many UNESCO-listed Byzantine churches adorned for the Easter celebrations. These architectural marvels, spanning from the 4th to the 15th century, are vivid testimonies to the city’s significance during the Byzantine era. Among them, the Rotunda – originally a mausoleum for Galerius and later converted into a mosque – and the Church of Saint Demetrius, the city’s patron saint, showcase magnificent mosaics and intricate frescoes.

Night of the Resurrection

Participate in the midnight service and the “Anastasi” celebration, marking the Resurrection of Jesus, followed by the traditional “mageiritsa” soup. Greek Orthodox Easter feels different from the Easter of the Western European churches. It’s definitely an experience to be enjoyed at least once in your life.

Interesting Fact: Thessaloniki is known for its longstanding Easter traditions, such as the solemn Good Friday processions, and the joyous fireworks and bell ringing at the stroke of midnight on Easter Saturday.

So many destinations to choose from!

From the stunning sakura in Tokyo to the historic streets of Seville, and from the artistic avenues of Barcelona to the vibrant seaside resort of Brighton, these destinations offer varied and profound experiences for your Easter travels.

Whether you are indulging in the last pleasant days of Dubai’s pre-summer climate or rolling Easter eggs in Berlin, Easter holidays can be as diverse and enriching as the destinations themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Easter holidays are a fantastic opportunity to explore and indulge in local cuisines and take part in culinary events that often accompany the festive season:

  • Seville, Spain: The Holy Week in Seville is famous not just for its processions but also for traditional foods like “torrijas” (sweet bread soaked in milk or wine, fried, and typically topped with cinnamon sugar), and “pestiños” (honey-glazed pastries).
  • Thessaloniki, Greece: The Greek Orthodox Easter celebrates with special foods like “tsoureki” (a sweet bread), and “mageiritsa” (a soup made with lamb offal and fresh herbs), traditionally consumed after midnight mass on Holy Saturday.
  • Porto, Portugal: Sample the savory “Bacalhau” (salted codfish), which is a staple for Easter, or the sweet “Folar de Pascoa,” an Easter bread enriched with eggs, often given as a gift during the season.
  • Rome, Italy: Experience the “Colomba di Pasqua,” a dove-shaped Easter bread, or attend the various wine and food festivals that often happen around the Easter period.

Families can look forward to a joyous Easter in destinations with activities suitable for all ages:

  • Orlando, Florida: Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios offer Easter-themed events, parades, and egg hunts that are perfect for the family.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: Visit the Keukenhof Gardens for the vibrant display of tulips or enjoy the city’s petting zoos and the traditional Dutch Easter egg hunts.
  • London, England: With its abundance of Easter egg hunts, family workshops at museums, and the Springfest at Alexandra Palace, London is a haven for family Easter activities.
  • Sydney, Australia: Enjoy the Sydney Family Easter Show, with carnival rides, animal exhibits, and showbags, making it ideal for a family adventure.

For couples seeking a romantic destination during the Easter holidays, consider:

  • Paris, France: The city of love is enchanting in spring, with cherry blossoms adorning the city. Enjoy Easter brunches in quaint cafés and chocolates from exquisite patisseries.
  • Santorini, Greece: Admire the stunning sunsets, take a sail around the caldera, and enjoy quiet moments in the whitewashed villages amidst the Easter festivities.
  • Florence, Italy: With its “Scoppio del Carro” (explosion of the cart) festival and the allure of Tuscan landscapes, Florence offers a picturesque setting for romance during Easter.
  • Prague, Czech Republic: A fairytale city with its Easter markets, decorated squares, and the serene Vltava River, Prague offers a magical backdrop for couples.

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