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3 must-see hop-off attractions

Porto has so much to offer. If you're not sure which attractions are worth visiting then be sure to hop off at these wonderful locations. Take the Red Line and hop off at bus stop 11 to take in the sensational architecture of the Sé Catedral, also known as Porto Cathedral. It's one of Porto's oldest landmarks. At bus stop 1 on the Blue Line, you'll find yourself by the Torre dos Clérigos, a tall, elegant bell tower that's visible from all over the city! Further along the Blue Line at bus stop 10 is the Museu do Vinho de Porto, a port wine museum, perfect for those avid wine lovers! You'll learn all about where port comes from, how it's made and how the process has been developed over generations.

Our Porto tip

24 hours may not be enough to discover all Porto has to offer. Buy your 48-hour ticket to explore the city in more depth! Plus, you'll have time to hop off at each bus stop and continue your trip at the pace that suits you. If you purchase your 48-hour Hop-On Hop-Off Ticket you'll receive a 40% discount!

Taste Porto

Porto is famous for its tasty wine. Buy your Hop-On Hop-Off Ticket now and you'll get to visit one of the wine cellars for free! Choose between Cockburns, Quevedo or Porto Cruz. You're in for an unforgettable experience as you will learn how the wine is made, witness the beautiful views, and maybe even treat yourself to a glass of one of their finest wines!