City SightSeeing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get to see all the major attractions?

Yes. Our tour routes are the most comprehensive way to see towns and cities.

What is the duration of the tour?

Most tours take 1 hour but in major towns and cities they are often longer, up to 2 hours.

What are hop-on hop-off stops?

City Sightseeing tour operate on fixed routes, arranged in such a way they go through key points of interest and attractions in each city. Our hop-on hop-off stops are carefully selected to enable you to visit these places of interest. Simply hop-off at any point and return to the same stop to continue your tour.

City Sightseeing buses travel from one city to another?

No. The tours only operate on town or city routes, although a number of tours do include scenic out-of-town trips as part of the tour.

Can I tell which route each bus is on?

Yes. Most tours offer just one route but some offer more than one (usually multiple routes are included in the same pricing). If there is more than one route, the bus destination will be displayed on a sign at the front of the bus, indicating which route it is on.

Are tour buses very frequent?

Yes. In major towns and cities, in the summer time, the bus frequency is approximately every 10 minutes. Obviously, in winter time, the frequency is reduced.

Do all tours operate all year round?

No. In major cities, tours will operate throughout the whole year (with the exception of selected dates such as Christmas and New Year). Other tours are seasonal, operational seasons are shown on this website.

Can we join the tour at any stop?

Yes, the tour commentary is associated to the stops, so if you stay on the bus you will always hear the full commentary. All tours have a main departure point usually visibly indicated in the centre of the town or city, often the main bus/rail terminal.

How many hop-on and off stops are there?

It will vary depending on the tour destination. In London, for instance, there are over 70 hop-on and off stops.

How is it best to use the hop-on and off feature?

If you are unfamiliar with a town or city we recommend you take one complete circuit and listen to the commentary. You can then decide which places of interest you may want to visit, so you can hop-off to see them up-close to then hop back on the bus. You can take as many loops on the bus as you wish with your 24 hour ticket.

Will we be able to recognise the bus stops?

Yes, bus stops will have some sort of signage; the size of the signage will vary from one tour to another.

What are the start and finish times of the tours?

This will vary according to the season and location. Typically, in winter time, tours will commence at 10:00 a.m. with the last tour at 04:00 p.m. In the summer time, the first tour is at 9:00 a.m., and the last one is 07:00 p.m.

How long is my ticket valid for?

Tickets are usually valid for 24 hours after redemption of the E-Ticket with the tour operator, but some tours offer 1-day, 2-day and 3-day tickets. If the ticket is a 1-day ticket then it is only valid for the day of the E-Ticket redemption. A 24 hour validity means that the ticket is valid from the time it is redeemed until that same time the following day. The same principle applies for a 2-day ticket and a 3-day ticket.
Your E-Ticket is valid and redeemable for up to 3 months as of your booking date.
E-Ticket Redemption is as simple as submitting your E-Ticket to the tour operator.
Once redeemed, your Tour Ticket is valid for the period stated on the ticket, for example 1-Day, or 24 hours.

Can I pre-purchase my ticket?

Yes, on this website managed by the City Sightseeing Sales & Marketing Department, who are the authorised sales agent for all our local franchisees Worldwide. Giving passengers a “One Stop Shop” for ease of purchase and great source of key information in many different languages.

Is there a discount for purchasing in advance?


If I purchase in advance do I have to take the tour on a given day?

No, although your City Sightseeing ticket may include discounts. Ask the local City Sightseeing staff for details.

Are any attraction entry tickets included in the cost of the tour ticket?

Yes. Keep your ticket because it gives you 10% discount off your next City Sightseeing tour ticket, to be used within 12 months.

Does my ticket give me any other added benefit?

They can be pre-purchased on this website or directly from the tour bus driver or ticket seller by the bus stop. In some cases, tourist information centres also sell City Sightseeing tickets.

Can I pay with credit card?

A few tours offer credit card payment but most only accept cash or cheques on the buses. However, credit cards are accepted online to book on this website, and Tourist Information Centres also offer credit card payment.

Can I pay for UK tours with Euros?

In some instances, yes, but this varies depending on the tour.

Will there be a commentary?

Depending on the tour location, you will be offered at least one of the following:
- English language commentary / Multilingual commentary / Professional guide.

How many different languages are offered?

It depends on the tour. Capital city tours normally offer at least six languages, in addition to English.

How many town and city tours does City Sightseeing offer?

Almost 100 worldwide, out of which over 25 are within the United Kingdom. All locations operate on a franchise basis.

Are tours 'child friendly'?

Yes, children will enjoy the fun of an open-top double-decker bus. Some tours offer special child oriented commentaries (adults enjoy them as well!) plus our kids club free activity packs (competitions, prizes, and giveaways).

How do I recognise a City Sightseeing bus?

They will always be bright red buses with the City Sightseeing logo on the side, along with the tour location. The buses also display, in contemporary style, illustrations of key attractions.

Do tours operate on Sundays?

Yes, in virtually every city the tours operate 7 days a week (with some seasonal exceptions).

Do the tour buses offer hotel pick up?

No, because we have to operate a tour route and timings agreed with the local authorities. However, usually the main hotels are situated close to a City Sightseeing bus stop.

Can wheelchair users travel on your buses?

SOME/ALL of our buses are accessible to users of most kinds of wheelchairs, depending upon the location. Only wheelchairs which are too large for the space available on the bus, or which are in an unsafe condition cannot be brought onto our buses. All of our wheelchair spaces accommodate wheelchairs of up to 700mm wide, 1200mm long, and 1350mm high (that measurement includes the wheelchair user’s head above the backrest)

If your wheelchair is larger than this or you are unsure whether your wheelchair will fit on the bus, please contact us.

SOME/ALL of our buses have electric ramps, low flat floors and a wheelchair allocated space depending upon the location. Wheelchair users have priority for access to the wheelchair space and other passengers will be relocated if necessary to make the area available when a wheelchair user needs it. However, we can’t guarantee that all passengers will move from the wheelchair space when asked, nor ultimately, can we force them to do so. Our buses cannot safely accommodate two or more occupied wheelchairs, so if there is already a wheelchair user on the bus you want to board, unfortunately you’ll need to wait for the next bus.

Wheelchair users and / or their care-takers must ensure that the wheelchair is positioned against the seat backrest facing the rear of the bus, with the brakes ON. Please ask the driver for assistance if necessary.

Wheelchair users can use the bell push near the wheelchair space which lets the driver know that the ramp must be lowered at the next stop.