Madrid with kids: 8 best things to do

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Madrid with kids

Finding destinations that cater to both educational exposure and plain old fun can be a tough call for families planning travel itineraries. However, Madrid, the capital city of Spain, effortlessly bridges this gap. The city offers a unique blend of rich history, diverse cultures, an unmatched art scene, and contemporary urban pleasures that are sure to captivate both children and adults alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we focus on eight top things to do in Madrid with kids. So, pack your sunscreen, bring your appetite for learning (and tapas), and get ready for an unforgettable trip around Spain’s pulsating capital city.

1. Prado Museum: Offering A Glimpse Into History Through Art

Prado Museum, Madrid

The Prado Museum, one of the world’s most celebrated art museums, is a must-visit for families exploring Madrid. As intimidating as the grandeur of this museum might be it offers a special family program called ‘El Prado en Familia’ to engage younger art enthusiasts.

Sign up for a thematic workshop that introduces children to the marvels of the art world. Your kids will be delighted as they discover how to tell stories through paintings or as they learn about the process of metamorphosis represented in art. That might sound complicated but we promise you that it’s fun! The workshops change all the time, so make sure you check what’s on when you’re in town.

The family program has various activities, including interactive visits, where kids embark on an exciting adventure through different artworks, solving challenges, and playing games. Perfect for instilling an appreciation for art in your young ones, and who knows, they may even find their calling and want to be the next Picasso!

And remember kids get into the Prado for free! That makes it an even more attractive proposition.

2. Retiro Park: Refreshing The Spirit in the Heart of Madrid

Retiro Park, Madrid

Next stop, the scenic and sprawling El Parque del Buen Retiro, a green oasis in the middle of Madrid. A hubbub of recreational activities – from the Monument to Alfonso XII overseeing the Grand Pond where you can row boats, to several playgrounds and puppet shows, the Retiro Park promises families a day filled with fun and relaxation.

Don’t miss the Palacio de Cristal, a stunning architectural glass wonder that occasionally houses exhibitions. The lush rose garden, the Rosaleda, is a beautiful spot that’s perfect for picnics. If you’re there at the weekend, make sure you try and catch a traditional Spanish puppet show. These bring fairy tales to life in a vibrant and colourful performance that the little ones will absolutely adore.

3. Madrid's Amusement Parks: A Day of Thrills

Madrid is home to some fantastic amusement parks. The Parque de Atracciones de Madrid is guaranteed to provide a day full of excitement for the whole family, with over 30 amazing rides. The intensity of the rides varies considerably, allowing everyone, from toddlers to thrill-seeking teens, to find their favourite.

The Warner Bros Park is another excellent bet for a family outing. Its main attractions are themed around Warner Bros characters. So, you can stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, take a trip into the Wild West or explore the superhero world of DC Comics. There really is something for everyone.

Your family will get to experience the magic of cinema, costumes, and characters, all in a lively, exciting atmosphere.

4. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium & Civitas Metropolitano: Football Fanatics Rejoice

Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid

Madrid is synonymous with football passion, and a trip to this vivacious city wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the frenzied love of the local fans. Tour the Santiago Bernabéu, the home ground of Real Madrid, and transport your kids to the world of football legends. Walk through the tunnel, step onto the pitch, explore the dressing room – it is every fan’s dream.

Atletico Madrid’s home ground, the Civitas Metropolitano, also offers guided tours. It is an opportunity not to miss – stand on the field, sneak a peek into the press room, and walk through the player’s tunnel to the roar of the crowd. Kids also have the chance to lift a replica of the UEFA Champions League Trophy in the mixed zone, a treat for any budding football enthusiast.

5. Robot Museum: Step Into the Future

The Robot Museum in Madrid brings the future to the present, a spectacle for children and adults alike. An array of robots — some whose names they will remember from their favourite movies or cartoons — awaits the younger visitors. The live demonstrations and exhibitions provide a complete interactive experience where kids get a grasp of robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

Special workshops are organized where children learn to program a robot or create a robot from scratch, nurturing the scientist within them, while also ensuring they have an absolute blast. Remember to book your visit in advance – the future is popular!

6. Art Museums: From Picasso to Velázquez

Museo Thyssen, Madrid

Madrid’s love for art seamlessly transcends into all its art museums. Known for its extensive collection of 20th-century art, the Reina Sofía Museum houses artworks from renowned artists like Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and the iconic Picasso’s ‘Guernica.’

At the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, kids can dive deep into art history by observing the timeline of crucial artistic movements. The museum also offers family workshops over the weekends. Alternately, CaixaForum Madrid is an art gallery that provides exciting children’s workshops, performances, and multimedia art.

7. Family Workshops and Cultural Programs

Matadero, MadridMadrid is packed with cultural centres offering a mix of workshops, interactive learning experiences, and events focused on creating an enriched experience for kids. Casa del Lector, for example, offers programs to promote reading in an interactive and analytical way. The Matadero Madrid, an old slaughterhouse converted into an arts centre, offers workshops and film screenings suitable for children.

8. See the City from our Open-Top Bus

Tourist Bus, MadridThe kids are sure to love seeing the city from the top deck of our big red bus. It’s got some of the best views in the city. In fact, we think it’s the perfect way to see the city and you can hop on and hop off as you like to explore the parts of the city that take your fancy.

Wrapping Up Your Madrid Adventure with Kids

When traveling to Madrid with children, remember to:

  • Prioritize the best suited activities and plan your itinerary efficiently.
  • Choose outdoor activities to enjoy the lovely Madrid weather.
  • Look out for important events and local festivals during your visit.
  • Holidays with families can be expensive – remember to check out the many free things to do in Madrid.

To summarise, Madrid offers a vibrant blend of cultural richness and contemporary fun. Whether you’re exploring the world of art and history in museums or basking in the sun at the Retiro Park, the capital city promises an enriching family holiday. Ready to create lasting memories with your family? Vamos a Madrid — let’s go to Madrid!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most pleasant times to visit Madrid with the family are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). During these months, the weather is typically mild and comfortable, allowing for outdoor activities without the extreme heat of the summer or the cooler winter temperatures. The city blooms in spring with parks and gardens coming to life, while autumn sees the city painted with warm colours, perfect for walks and enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, these seasons are less crowded, so you can explore the attractions at a leisurely pace.

Madrid celebrates several kid-friendly festivals throughout the year. Here are a few highlights:

  • Three Kings Day (Dia de los Reyes Magos): Occurring on January 6th, this is a magical event for children, complete with parades and gift-giving traditions.
  • Carnival: Held in February, the carnival features colourful parades, costumes, and street performances.
  • Fiesta de San Isidro: In mid-May, this festival offers a great chance for families to witness traditional Madrilenian culture with music, dancing, and regional costumes.
  • Dia del Niño: Celebrated in various communities, this day is dedicated to children and often includes games, workshops, and special activities in parks and public spaces.
  • Christmas Markets: From late November to early January, the festive markets offer crafts, food, and often rides or performances for children.
  • Cycling: Madrid Rio offers a safe and scenic environment for family cycling along its paths.
  • Cable Car Ride: Take the Teleferico de Madrid for breathtaking views of the city, a hit with kids.
  • Playgrounds: There are numerous well-equipped playgrounds across the city, including those in Retiro Park, Madrid Rio, and Templo de Debod.
  • Zoo and Aquarium: The Madrid Zoo Aquarium is a fantastic way to spend a day outdoors, seeing a wide variety of animals and sea life.
  • Nature Trails: Explore the Casa de Campo park, which is a large natural area ideal for walking, picnics, and outdoor recreation.

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