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In today’s world, you’ve not been somewhere until you’ve photographed yourself somewhere and shared it with all your friends and followers! When you travel, you want to get the very best pictures to impress those you know and love. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best Edinburgh Instagram spots to help you capture the most memorable and shareable memories.

1. Dean Village

Just a short walk from the city centre, lies Dean Village, a picturesque and peaceful place that feels a world away from the bustling streets of modern Edinburgh. Its cobbled streets and attractive riverside mills make it an amazing place to capture some great shots.

2. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle has to be near the top of any list of great places in the city to get that perfect Instagram snap – be it up at the Castle itself or standing below it. Really, the best plan is to get photos in both places!

3. On the top deck of our bus

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but you really do get some of the best views in the city from the top deck of our bus! We pass many of the city’s most important attractions, like the Scott Monument and the Castle itself. You really will have limitless great photo opportunities.

4. The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is the heart of Edinburgh’s old town. A series of streets that stretch from the castle to Holyrood Palace, it’s full of amazing buildings that capture the best of Edinburgh’s unique atmosphere and rich history. We’ve got several stops on the route, so you can always hop off to get some of those great pics up close.

5. Arthur's Seat

Arthur’s Seat is part of the old volcano that once stood where Edinburgh stands today. You can walk through Holyrood Park to the top of Arthur’s Seat – we’re not going to pretend that it’s a leisurely stroll, but it’s definitely worth the effort as the views over the city are truly incredible. Make sure you get some pics – if you still have the energy to do so!

6. The Vennel Steps

We know we’ve already mentioned the castle more than once, but it’s Edinburgh so it’s gonna come up. Some say the Vennel Steps have the best views of the castle in the city. We think that some might be right! Whether or not you agree, you’re sure to think the view is pretty special and that the steps are a delightful spot too.

7. Victoria Street

Victoria Street is rightly one of the city’s most photographed spots. This charming curve of a street with its colourful shop fronts is the perfect place to step into Edinburgh’s past. It was designed by Thomas Hamilton, the man who built much of modern Edinburgh. Though we’re sure he never imagined it would make the list of top Instagrammable locations in the city! For all you Harry Potter fans, it’s rumoured to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley.

8. Grassmarket

Grassmarket is another of Edinburgh’s delightfully charming old shopping streets. One of our favourite things to do there is find a café or bar at the bottom of the street and relax while taking in the spectacular views of the castle. Yep, the castle again! You’ll be in relaxed photographic heaven.

9. New College

One of Edinburgh’s oldest buildings, John Knox House has been described as “improbably picturesque”, which we think makes it the perfect place to take some improbable pictures. We’re not sure what improbable pictures are, so we’ll leave that up to your imaginations!

10. National Museum of Scotland

Renovated in 2011, the National Museum of Scotland is a brilliant place to while away a few hours. It’s packed full of fascinating displays, but what we like best is that it doesn’t feel like a traditional museum.  Inside, it’s more like a great market building, centred around a skylit atrium.

11. Calton Hill

Sometimes called the “Athens of the North”, due to the Greek-temple-like National Monument of Scotland that stands atop it, Calton Hill is one of the city’s very best viewing points. Come here at sunset and the views really are spectacular. A sunrise visit is equally beautiful but means getting up quite a lot earlier!

12. John Knox House

One of Edinburgh’s oldest buildings, John Knox House has been described as “improbably picturesque”, which we think makes it the perfect place to take some improbable pictures. We’re not sure what improbable pictures are, so we’ll leave that up to your imaginations!

13. Greyfriars Bobby

Who doesn’t love a statue of a dog? Greyfriars Bobby was a famously loyal mutt that spent 14 years in Greyfriars Kirkyard after his owner died, guarding his departed master’s grave. This incredible display of loyalty has inspired both books and movies. The statue of Greyfriars Bobby stands at the corner of Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge.

Edinburgh is Instagram heaven!

That’s only the beginning of the places you can get some brilliant snaps to post on your Instagram page (all other social media networks gladly accepted). The more you explore the city, the more great spots you’ll find. Getting our trumpet out again, our hop-on hop-off bus really is a fantastically easy way to get around and see and capture the best of what Edinburgh has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are loads of fantastic places to take picturesque photos, but after reading our article, we’re sure you’ll agree that Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle are possibly the best places to get amazing shots out over the city.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll probably already know the answer to this one, but for everyone else, head to Victoria Street, the supposed inspiration for Diagon Alley.

Without doubt, the streets along the Royal Mile are incredibly Instagrammable. We’ve added some ideas in the post above, but we’re sure you’ll find some other amazing spots.

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