9 travel resolutions to make in 2024

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New year, new travel resolutions!

We’re all familiar with the usual New Year’s resolutions. Eat healthily, exercise more, quit all your vices and save money. How about doing something a bit different this year? Make 2024 the year of the travel resolution.  

We know you love trotting the globe as much as we do. But can you do it better? Here are 9 ideas for new year’s travel resolutions to help you take your 2024 travel to the next level! 

1. Try out solo travel

A solo traveller is walking down a road.

OK, this is it. 2024 is the year of (deep breath) solo travel! Come on, we know you’ve always wanted to experience the thrill of travelling alone. And there’s nothing more thrilling than slinging on your backpack and jetting off to pastures unknown, unaccompanied.  

But why travel on your own? In a word, freedom. You can do what you want, when you want. Feeling peckish? Sit down and have a bite. Want a bit of pampering? Visit a spa. Don’t like where you are? Book a ticket to the next town. No negotiating. No arguments. 

And if you’re worried about being lonely rather than alone, there’s no need to fret. You’re more approachable when you’re by yourself. That means that travelling alone is one of the best ways to meet new people. 

2. Get to know the locals

A girls is eatng noodles with locals as one of her travel resolutions.

Speaking of meeting people, one of the best things about being in a different part of the world is… people! Making friends from around the world is part and parcel of any amazing, authentic travel experience. If you want to really understand the place you’re visiting, you need to talk to the people who live there.  

So, how can you meet local people? Here are some ideas: 

  • Shop and eat locally: you’re much more likely to strike up a conversation with a local at a traditional coffee bar than at a Starbucks, or at a lively local market than at a large supermarket. 
  • Stay in a homestay or hosted apartment: this way, you can pick the brains of people in the know! 
  • Volunteer on a project: whether you’re staying for a few days or long-term, there are always volunteer opportunities. Hand out food at a soup kitchen or volunteer at an animal shelter. 

So, next time you see someone who looks interesting, simply smile and say hello! You never know where it could lead.  

3. Learn some of the local lingo

Learning the local language is a great way to enhace your trael experience one of many fantastic travel resolutions you can make,

Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! If you really want to get to know the locals, there’s nothing like learning a bit of the local vernacular.  

Acquiring at least a few words, or enough to make small talk in a bar, can add untold value to your holiday. It’s a great way to show respect and connect with locals on a deeper level. Plus, it adds a touch of authenticity. 

Of course, learning to speak an entire language fluently may not be feasible every time you go on holiday. A quick and cost-effective way to pick up a few key words and phrases before you go is by downloading a free language learning app. And if you fall in love with the language, you can continue learning it after your trip. 

4. Travel sustainably

Try travelling more sustainably in 2024.

We’re all aware nowadays of our carbon footprint, and one of your 2024 travel resolutions should be this: travel sustainably.  

More and more people are discovering the joy of travel every year. Wonderful, right? But at what cost to the planet? We all need to try to become conscious travellers to try to reduce the impact on the planet. So, what can we do? 

  • Where possible, avoid flights. Can you travel closer to home? Travel overland rather than take to the air?
  • If you do choose to fly, and let’s face it, it’s often unavoidable, then try to pack light. Every item you carry on the plane with you will increase carbon emissions. 
  • Also, think about how you will get around once you arrive. Try to choose public transport, such as buses, rather than taxis or car hire.  

5. Don’t forget your local area

A man goes for a walk in his local area.

With conscious travel in mind, one of our travel resolutions for 2024 is going to be this: explore our local area more. While jetting off to far-flung destinations is undeniably exciting, don’t overlook the hidden treasures in your home country. Where better in the world for you to be able to travel like a local than in your own backyard?  

Travelling in your home country has many benefits: 

  • saves you money 
  • is better for the environment 
  • is easier to organise 
  • supports your local economy 
  • allows return visits 
  • teaches you about your own country and its history 
  • makes you appreciate where you come from 

And who knows? You may even find the next Taj Mahal or Acropolis on your doorstep! 

6. Live in the moment

A young couple live in the moment.

Now, let’s talk social media. Yes, we know it’s very tempting to take a selfie in front of every cool temple or a picture of every bowl of noodles. And we know everyone loves uploading them to Instagram. 

But stop right there! Step away from the camera. What if we could live in a world where we enjoyed the moment? Not having to record every moment and minutiae of everyday life? 

Do you really need a picture of yourself holding up the leaning tower of Pisa? Or a close-up of your coffee art? Or a photo of you writhing on the sand in front of a perfect tropical sea? Maybe we’d all enjoy life a little more if we simply admired the towers, sipped the coffee and paddled in the sea. 

Life’s too short to be glued to a screen. Be present, be mindful, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

7. Travelling light

A man is at the top of a mountain without bags as travelling light is one of his travel resolutions.

Now, believe me, we know how hard it is to travel light. The nagging anxiety. What if you need that 40-function Swiss army knife? A 79th pair of underwear? Or the ubiquitous kitchen sink?  

Are you travelling to Antarctica? No? In that case, check that “What if?” mentality at the door while you’re packing.  

So what exactly is the problem with overpacking? Firstly, you’ll have to check your luggage. This leaves you open to loss of baggage as well as extortionate fees.  

Also, large bags are bulky, heavy and awkward to carry. Who wants to be lugging luggage around? There’s no question they’ll cramp your free-spirited travel style

For a bit of help, check out our advice on how to pack a suitcase and remember this: if a bag is difficult and time-consuming to pack, it’ll be a burden for your whole trip. Trust us, your back (and your sanity) will thank you. 

8. Get off the beaten track

An isolated beach off the beaten track.

Before you even think about packing your bag, you’ll need to plan a destination for your big trip. We know that there are places where everyone goes. But why not visit a lesser-known destination? Be a pioneer. Forget the bucket list. Do your own thing. 

Instead of following the Instagram crowd, try visiting places where people of your demographic are less likely to go. This way, you’ll be open to meeting all kinds of new people that you might not have otherwise. 

Dare to venture beyond the tourist hotspots and explore the road less travelled. Discover obscure villages, hike lesser-known trails and stumble upon breathtaking landscapes that are far from the tourist trail. The best experiences often lie just beyond the fancy resorts and crowded attractions. 

9. Get out of your comfort zone

A young woman goes surfing to get out of her comfort zone.

This is the last item on our list of 2024 travel resolutions, and it is a thriller… Step outside your comfort zone! The problem with staying inside your comfortable, cushy little “zone” is, well, it’s boring! Why go on an adventure if you’re going to avoid adventures? You might as well stay on your sofa.  

Escaping your comfort zone can take many forms. Try out new and exotic street food. Take on a crazy challenge (spot of wing walking, anyone??). Say “yes” to things you wouldn’t normally say yes to! 

Any one of our list of travel resolutions could be stepping out of the comfort zone for you! So, take a chance and allow yourself to grow, evolve and experience the world in all its adrenaline-pumping glory.

Turn over a new travel leaf

So, pick one (or more!) of our 2024 travel resolutions and stick to them resolutely. 

You might find that you’ll enjoy more exhilarating, authentic and satisfying travel experiences, cut down on your carbon footprint and discover unknown destinations and adventures! 

From all of us at City Sightseeing, happy new year and happy travels! 

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