The advantages of exploring the city on a hop-on hop-off bus tour

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We love to explore new cities. There are so many places that excite us. From London to Cape Town and New York to Saigon. The world is full of fascinating cities just waiting to be discovered. Each of them has their own treats, their own secrets to reveal and their own flavours to savour.

Hop-on hop-off is a brilliant way to see a city. In fact, with hop-on hop-off, you’re the boss. You get to choose at what stops you want to hop off and hop back on. If you’re in Barcelona, maybe you want to hop off and visit Park Güell, but you’re not too bothered about the Sagrada Familia as you saw that the last time you were there. We tailor our routes and then you tailor your itinerary.

You don’t even have to hop off at all. Some of our passengers like to do the whole tour and see all the city has to offer from the top deck of the bus, before starting the loop again and choosing where to hop off.

Where do the buses go?

Each city has its own routes that are designed to take you to see that city’s most emblematic and interesting sights. So, in London, we have stops, for example, near the Tower of London and Hyde Park. In Seville, there are stops by the Plaza de España and on the Alameda. You get the picture.

We take care to make sure that our routes include all that you might want to see. Sometimes, that means having more than one route. In Copenhagen and Athens, for example, there are three!

How long can I hop on and off?

That depends on the type of ticket that you buy. A 24-hour tickets lasts – yes, you guessed it – 24 hours! That means if you first hop on the bus at two on Tuesday afternoon, you can keep hopping on and off until two on Wednesday during the bus’s scheduled timetable. A 1-day ticket is a bit different. You can use it on one specific day. So, hop on first thing in the morning and you’ll have the whole day to explore!

Is there commentary?

Most buses have some kind of commentary. Either live, with a guide on board, or recorded. The job of our live guides is to entertain and inform as you travel around the city and we like to think that they’re pretty good at it!

Our recorded commentaries tell you all about the sights you pass along the way and the fascinating history of their city. Where possible, these are available in multiple languages to make it easy for our passengers to make the most of their hop-on hop-off experience.

In total, we have more than 30 different languages available across the various cities where we operate. Some cities even have special commentaries for kids so that the little ones are kept entertained.

Get exploring!

Exploring cities is what we do. It’s what we love. We know we’re very probably biased but if you ever go city sightseeing, we’d love you to do it with us.

Frequently asked questions

Our most popular destinations are cities like London and Barcelona but we have hop-on hop-off destinations all over the world. 

Our routes nomally last between an hour and an hour and a half but every city is different. Of course, the more you hop on and off, the longer it will take you to complete the route. That’s why we offer various durations. It all depends just how much exploring you want to do. 

Yes, of course. Visit our website and you’ll be able to book the tour we choose. We understand how convenient it is to be able to plan ahead and to have your tickets stored safely on your phone. 

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