Our first hop-on hop-off plane tour is here!

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April 1st 2024 marks an important day in the history of City Sightseeing. Almost exactly 25 years after our first bus hit the streets, we’re about to launch our first hop-on hop off-plane.

So, hold on to your seats because City Sightseeing is taking to the skies with our brand-new hop-on hop-off plane tour!

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We’re so excited to announce the latest breakthrough in city touring: the City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Plane! It’s the perfect way to see your city from a whole new angle.

Get ready to soar like an eagle as we take you on a journey of breathtaking views and unique perspectives of your city’s landmarks!

Where is it launching?

Big Ben from airOur first city to feature a City Sightseeing plane tour will be London. We see our hop-on hop-off plane tour as the perfect complement to our bus route. Hop off the bus at Big Ben to see the sights before taking our exclusive elevator to the top of Big Ben itself where our new hop-on hop-off plane will whisk you away to your next stop.

We’ve been in secret talks with the British government to have stop 1 of our London Sky Route installed right at the top of Big Ben! Everyone thought that Big Ben was covered in scaffolding for so long because it was being cleaned!

Now, we can reveal the real reason. We were installing our high-speed sky lift! We’ll even provide you with special ear protectors just in case you’re at the top when Big Ben chimes!

How does it work?

It’s simple. You just hop on at any of the designated sky stops, which feature ultra-modern vertical take-off platforms. Then, fasten your seat belt and prepare for take-off. The plane will take you from one landmark to the next, offering uninterrupted views of the city.

Crows lying over LondonWe worked with a team of trained crows to work out the best routes as the crow flies. That means we can take you from Big Ben to the top of the Shard in record time. We fitted our crack team of test crows with special cameras to make sure that what you get to see really is a bird’s eye view!

Spot something interesting down below? Just hop off at the nearest sky stop and explore to your heart’s content. When you’re ready, hop back on and continue your journey.

What's on board?

Our hop-on hop-off planes come equipped with everything you need: refreshing beverages, from our fully stocked bar, plush reclining seats and state-of-the-art toilets!

  • Guided City Narration: Each plane comes equipped with personal headsets and AR googles offering commentary in 16 different languages and in the voice you choose. You want to hear the guide read by Winston Churchill or maybe Taylor Swift, no problem! Our AI voice generator makes that possible!
  • The AR goggles show you where all the sights are and you can click on a virtual screen to get all the information you could need.
  • Onboard Snacks: We’ve worked with Michelin-starred chefs to provide you with tasty, themed treats. Big Ben blancmange, Tower of London truffles, Buckingham Palace organic biscuits are just some of the delicious things you can try.

How's it powered?

Eco-Friendly Flight: All planes are 100% electric and powered by solar and wind energy. We’re also working on an incredible new system that convert the energy generated in your body when you’re having fun into a sustainable fuel.

This will mean that the more fun our passengers have, the faster we’ll fly!

What's next?

We’re working with some of the world’s top parachute designers to make low-altitude chutes that you can use to hop off between stops.

And that’s just the start! We’ve patented satellite-guided jetpack technology that will let you fly right back to the plane no matter where you hopped off.

Special launch offer

To celebrate the launch of our hop-on hop-off plane in London, we’re offering a special promotion. Book today and we’ll reserve you a seat on our hop-on hop-off moon rocket! Launching soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is our top priority at City Sightseeing. Our hop-on hop-off planes are piloted by some of the most experienced aviators in the industry, undergo regular, stringent safety checks, and adhere to all international aviation standards. Additionally, all passengers will receive a safety briefing before take-off, and our vertical take-off platforms are designed with state-of-the-art safety features. Rest assured, your sky-high adventure is in safe hands!

Yes, due to the unique nature of the hop-on hop-off plane tour, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Passengers must be at least 10 years old to fly, and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Additionally, due to the pressures associated with flying, passengers with certain medical conditions, such as heart problems or severe respiratory issues, should consult a doctor before booking. Pregnant passengers are advised to consider the potential risks and consult with healthcare providers.

While the hop-on hop-off plane tour operates on a specific route to showcase the city’s most iconic landmarks, our unique hop-off feature combined with potential future parachute and jetpack technology allows for a level of personalization in how you explore. Although you need to hop off at designated sky stops, you have the freedom to choose how long you explore each area before hopping back on the next plane. This provides a blend of structured sightseeing and personal exploration, ensuring you have the ultimate sightseeing adventure!

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