The Red Cross recognises City Sightseeing's commitment to social responsibility

On the 30th of January, the Red Cross held a ceremony in honour of sixteen companies in Seville that have worked together with the humanitarian institution over the past year to support people in vulnerable situations through various initiatives and projects. 

The event was attended by the delegate for Employment and Economy of Seville City Council, Álvaro Pimentel. The Red Cross presented each company with a commemorative figure as a reward for their commitment to creating opportunities that change the lives of thousands of Seville residents. 

The aim was to highlight the importance of relationships between the business community and social agents in order to maximise the social impact of volunteer activity. 

Among the award winners were the following companies: Atende Servicios Integrados, Novedades Marlu, Eurofirms Service Inneria, Fnac, City Sightseeing, Plasticosur, Hotel Querencia de Sevilla, Hotel Casa 1800, Coca-Cola, Calzados Benavente, Grupo Carrefour, Pepco, Comercial Piedra, Ametel, Macrosad and Crit Interim ETT.