Changing Lives 2024, Upper Amazon, Peru

What is Changing Lives?

Changing Lives is the first project to be coordinated by all City Sightseeing operations worldwide through City Sightseeing Cares, the new social action arm of the global brand.

After consulting with the entire City Sightseeing operator network on three projects in South America, Africa and Asia, Changing Lives will focus on providing drinkable water to 12 communities in the Upper Amazon in Peru in 2024. The project will provide more than 2,000 people with access to water that is safe for human consumption.

What does it consist of? 

Contribute to the right to clean water in 12 communities in the Upper Amazon.

Funds required: 56,356€

Direct beneficiaries: 2,101 people.


Our passion for people and human dignity is not only for our business, our customers and our employees, but also for society. We firmly believe in the importance of a company’s commitment to the environment and we know that many drops make an ocean, which is why City Sightseeing Worldwide is launching this appeal to all of its operations around the world, so that together we can change the lives of many people, in this case through something as simple but vital as water.  

Through this same page in the buttons “Donate in EUR, Donate in GBP and Donate in USD”.

Ready to help?

Many people's lives are about to change because of you.