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3 must-see hop-off attractions

Not sure which hop-off destinations to choose from? Well, make sure you hop off at Chesterton Road at bus stop 4. Here you can take a stroll around the typical English houses, see picturesque St Giles's Church nearby and even visit Jesus Lock on the River Cam. At bus stop 5, you'll find Bridge Street, one of the most historic streets in Cambridge. Hop off at bus stop 7 to do a spot of shopping on the traditional Market Street!

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Cambridge from the river

Cambridge is renowned for its remarkable landscapes and the picturesque River Cam. You can't take a trip to Cambridge and not see all the historic landmarks that make this beautiful city so unique. Why not go punting down the Cam and relax as a boat takes you straight past all the wonderful sites. You'll see Darwin College, Queen's College, King's College and many more of the university grounds.