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3 Must-See Hop-off Attractions

Not sure which hop-off destinations to choose from? Well, make sure you hop-off at Chesterton Road at Bus Stop 4. Here you can take a stroll around the typical English style houses, see the picturesque St Gile's Church nearby and even visit the Jesus Lock on River Cam. At Bus Stop 5 you'll find Bridge Street, one of the most historic streets in Cambridge. Hop-off at Bus Stop 7 to do a spot of shopping on the traditional Market Street!

Cambridge from the River

Cambridge is renowned for its remarkable landscapes and the picturesque River Cam. You can't take a trip to Cambridge and not see all the historic landmarks that make this beautiful city so unique. Why not go punting down the cam and relax as a boat takes you straight past all the wonderful sites. You'll see the Darwin college, Queen's college, King's college and many more of the university grounds.