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3 Must-See Hop-off Attractions

For those of you enjoying a short stay in Albufeira & Algarve, be sure to hop-off the City Sightseeing bus at these 3 bus stops. Hop-off at Bus Stop 6 to witness the incredible viewpoint from Pau da Bandeira, where you'll be able to see both the beach and the Old Town. Praia dos Salgados is one of the most popular beaches in Albufeira. If you want a relaxing break, soaking up the sunshine and reading your favourite book then hop-off at Bus Stop 11 for some beach fun! Take a wonder around the surroundings of the Marina de Albufeira at Bus Stop 17. There are lots of things to do here whether you want to dine outside or maybe even go jet skiing!

Extend your Stay

There are too many things to see and attractions to visit in Albufeira and a 24 hour ticket just doesn't give you enough time! Extend your stay and purchase a 4-day Hop-on Hop-off ticket. That way, you'll be able to hop-off at every wonderful attraction on the Algarve route, explore at your own pace and even spend the day at one of the most popular beaches on route, the Praia dos Salgados beach. Buy your 4-day Hop-on Hop-off ticket now and receive a 50% discount!

It's Beach Time!

This bus tour will take you around some of the best beaches in Albufeira & Algarve. Sit back, unwind and enjoy the sea views from up high in our open top buses. You'll be able to see the sea view clearly as we approach the Santa Eulália beach, the Praia dos Salgados, and even the Marina de Albufeira. If you want a more relaxing trip then this bus tour is the one for you!