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Hop-On Hop-Off Luxembourg

Schedule 09:40-17:20
Routes 1
Loop 60'
Stops 7
Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Danish
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Hop-on our open bus tour guide and explore the beautiful sights of Luxembourg from up high! This bus tour starts in one of Luxembourg's greatest historical destinations, the Constitutional Square. From here on, we'll take you straight to fabulous places across 7 stops where you'll see exactly what Luxembourg has to offer.


  • Access to 7 stops around the city covering the entire city & main sights.
  • Create your own itinerary to explore the city and its popular monuments.
  • Audio guide commentaries in 7 languages to learn all about the city's history and culture.
  • 24h  Unlimited Hop-on Hop-off  bus tour with 360 degree panoramic views of Luxembourg
  • Flexible 3-month ticket.

Map, Routes & Stops


Main Stops

Hop-On Hop-Off Luxembourg/Mudam / Philharmonie/2
Mudam / Philharmonie BUS STOP 2
Hop-On Hop-Off Luxembourg/Constitution Square/1
Constitution Square BUS STOP 1
Hop-On Hop-Off Luxembourg/City Gardens/5
City Gardens BUS STOP 5

Additional Information

Hop-on board the mega bus and kick-start your Luxembourg adventure! First off, we'll pick you up at Bus Stop 1, the Constitution Square, one of the most famous heritage landmarks in Luxembourg. We recommend walking around the park nearby before the Bus Tour begins! Take the steps down to the left and you'll find a park and a hidden fortress called the Petrusse Casemates.

Walk further and you'll come across the Adolphe Bridge, which offers you incredible views of the nature and surroundings. Hop-off at Bus Stop 2 if you're a fan of Art as you can visit Mudam, museum full of contemporary art pieces. There's another Art museum called Villa Vauban, if you want to visit their just hop-off at Bus Stop 6. If you're looking to do a spot of shopping while you're on your adventure to Luxembourg then at Bus Stop 3 you'll find the Auchan shopping mall.

You can't miss a trip to the beautiful City Gardens! Hop-off at Bus Stop 5 and go for a long leisurely stroll around the pretty landscapes. Just sink back into your seat and absorb the culture of Luxembourg as we drive you to each special destination. The full loop of the tour takes about 60 minutes and we'll take you straight to Central Station afterwards, making it easy for you to be going on your travels. This Luxembourg bus tour only operates from April to October.

Know before you go

Operational Season: April-October
Except on: N/A
First Tour: 09:40
Last Tour: 17:20/18:20
Duration: 60 minutes
Frequency: every 20 minutes

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