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3 must-see hop-off attractions

Let City Sightseeing highlight all of the attractions along the beautiful route around Santander. One of the main attractions to see is Paseo Pereda, which echoes the character of the old city, having escaped the fire of 1941. Hop off to visit the Palacio de Festivales and the Planetarium for a new spin on entertainment and finally, be sure to check out the Magdalena Palace, the city's most emblematic landmark.

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Did you know?

Santander fell victim to a great fire in 1941. Fanned by a strong southerly wind, the fire burned for two days and destroyed the Old Town Hall, Jesús de Monasterio and Vargas Streets and Atarazanas Square. There was only one casualty, a firefighter from Madrid killed in the line of duty, but thousands of families were left homeless and the city was plunged into chaos. The fire destroyed the greater part of the medieval town centre and gutted the city's Romanesque cathedral. Walk the restored streets of this again beautiful city!