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3 Must-See Hop-off Attractions

Three of the most exciting spots on this tour are the Tivoli & Radisson Royal Hotel (Bus Stop 13), The Little Mermaid (Bus Stop 9), and the Gammel Strand (Bus Stop 1). The Royal Hotel is an ideal place to stop anyway as it is a part of all 3 routes, so it is perfect to hop off, explore, and then start another route. The Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Denmark, and can be seen from many areas in our bus route. The little mermaid is a spectacular bronze statue well worth hopping off for, to appreciate its beauty close up. Lastly the Gammel Strand is our third recommended attraction. Located by the canal, it is situated amongst wonderful surroundings, and is well worth visiting in the evening to enjoy the lively and colourful atmosphere.

Our Hop-On Hop-Off Routes in Copenhagen

The Mermaid Tour (Red Line) is open all year round, and takes you through the lively city centre, allowing you to take in the Danish Culture and view the Little Mermaid Statue, amongst other attractions. In the summer, we recommend taking the 'All Tours' route, where the 'Christiania Route' (Purple Line) and the 'Carlsberg Route' (Green Line) are incorporated into the sightseeing tour. The Christiania Route includes the Christiania Freetown and 'The Opera', and the Carlsberg route takes you past the famous Copenhagen Zoo and Frederiksberg Garden. Book the 72 hour ticket and take all the routes without any rush!

Spice your Hop-On Hop-Off Ticket!

So many things to do and see in Copenhagen. Add extra activities to your Hop-On Hop-Off ticket and make your trip truly productive. Keep an eye out for our offers, as you can book combos online to ensure that you make the most of your trip, and enjoy savings of up to 20%! Tivoli Garden, in central Copenhagen, is the most popular attraction in the city and the second amusement park that opened its doors in the world. Your visit to Copenhagen will not be completed if you miss this popular sight