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Curious about South Korea? If you haven’t yet explored its up-and-coming capital, it’s about time you ticked it off your bucket list. Where temples meet skyscrapers, Seoul is an interesting fusion of history and modernity that honours its culturally rich past whilst being one of the most tech savvy nations on the planet. Hop off the City Sightseeing Tour at the spectacular Gyeongbokgung Palace and travel back in time to the Joseon dynasty. From watching the changing of the guard to admiring the ornate architecture, the largest of Seoul’s five Grand Palaces is not to be missed. Fast-forward 500 years as you hop back on our tourist bus en route to Mount Namsan in the Jung-gu district. Climb the iconic N Seoul Tower at sunset for some of the best panoramic views over the city from the observation deck. Once back on solid ground, it’s time to hit the shops in Myeongdong. Every shopper’s paradise, these buzzing streets have it all, from well-known Korean skincare and beauty products to local and international fashion brands. Plus, pause for a bit to eat at one of the many street food stalls and try everything from galbi to bibimbap, tteokbokki to bindaetteok.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Seoul’s official name is Seoul Special City? It is indeed special, and there’s more to the South Korean capital than K-pop and kimchi. It's no wonder that there are more cafés per capita in Seoul than in Seattle, the home of Starbucks itself... with a population of around 10 million, the city is larger than you may think. But if that doesn't seem big enough, its metropolitan area is home to some 25.6 million people, making the population of the South Korean capital the 5th largest across the globe! Home to major tech giants, Seoul boasts the fastest internet speeds in the world – even the subway has 4G Wi-Fi. Seoul is also home to the biggest underground shopping mall in Asia and the world’s largest indoor theme park. Banpo Grand Bridge is the longest bridge fountain in the world and offers a spellbinding spectacle, as 380 nozzles spray water into the Han River below, all while “dancing” to 100 different pieces of music. If these Guinness World Records are anything to go by, you could say the city's the life and ‘Seoul’ of the country!