City Sightseeing

3 Must-See Hop-off Attractions

Visiting Dusseldorf? Here are the 3 attractions you cannot miss, and City Sightseeing takes you to all of them! First hot spot to hop-off at is Bus Stop 4, the Rhine Tower. Enjoy the superb views from the top observation deck of this 240 m high telecommunications tower. It is open to the public and is home to the largest digital clock in the world, with an amazing red vertical lighting system that tells the time in the most stylish way. Admire the city and the countryside from above as you grab a delicious bite at its revolving restaurant! Next up is Bus Stop 5, EKÖ-House, a stunning Buddhist Temple, the one and only Japanese temple in Europe! Delve into the Japanese culture and traditions, and you may even get there just in time for a tea ceremony. Top it all up with a visit to Castle Jägerhof, at Bus Stop 8. This Rococo style piece of art is a former hunting lodge that now houses the Goethe Museum, so soak up in culture and art as you explore the more than 35,000 objects in exhibition here. Ideal for those interested in Germany’s most famous son. Get your City Sighseeing ticket online today!

Points of Interest

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