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3 Must-See Hop-Off Attractions

Wondering which are the musts in Natchez? City Sightseeing short-listed the main three attractions you cannot miss in this historical. Hop-off at Bus Stop 4, Melrose Estate. Explore the way of life of the Southern planter class and the enslaved people who lived and worked at this estate, which remains unchanged. Next up is Bus Stop 5, Forks of the Road, the location of the largest slave market prior to the civil war. Although no original structures remain, onsite kiosks provide valuable historic information to all visitors. And last but not least is Bus Stop 9, the Natchez Association for Preservation of Afro-American Culture (NAPAC Museum). Continue delving into this city full of insightful history. The museum offers a journey across the lives of African-Americans during the Civil War, the Civil Rights era and beyond.