City Sightseeing

Did you know?

The name 'Garda' is the translation of the Germanic word meaning 'Place of guard/observation'. The lake itself was formed during the Ice Age and has been the location of multiple historic battles. For all you music lovers out there, Gasparo De Salo was born on Lake Garda, one of the first people to make a violin!

The Ultimate Garda Experience

After all your exploring and sight-seeing, take a chance to indulge and relax at Gardacqua Centro Benessere, a spectacular attraction with a sole goal of relaxation. Your day will include Saunas, spas, steam rooms and massages! You're guaranteed to come out feeling brand new. Another attraction is the Lago di Garda, it's a stunning lake in both winter and summer, so feel free to plan your visit whenever! Whether you fancy watching the sunset reflection on the crystal water, or maybe the romantic feel of a quiet location in the winter. The restaurants surrounding the lake are open all year round so you'll never struggle to find a bite to eat and enjoy the breath-taking views, we recommend you have at least 4-5 hours spare if you really wish to enjoy the nature!

Discover Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is a very popular holiday location. It's located in the north of Italy, it's over 50km in length and has a residence time of nearly 27 years! If you're a real nature lover this couldn't be more perfect for you, due to the perfect views and the incredible wildlife - you'll spot plenty of different types of fish happily swimming around. There are 5 islands so there's plenty of attractions to see & visit!