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3 must-see hop-off attractions

Haven't got much time to spend exploring in Gothenburg? No worries! Make sure you hop off at these 3 must-see attractions to make your trip one to remember. First up is the Feskekörka fish market, where you can buy all sorts of fresh seafood. Next is Lilla Bommen where you can wander around the harbour and take in the glorious views. The last must-see destination is Brunnsparken, which is a central square located in the heart of Gothenburg. Hop off to walk around and visit the shopping centre or grab a bite to eat in the local cafés!

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Create your perfect combo

Don't just stick to the roads! Dive into the ultimate Gothenburg experience and move the tour to the water with our Bus + Boat trip. You'll get to see all the views of Gothenburg from the water.

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Don't let the fun stop in Gothenburg! Maximise your exploration and take your trip across to Stockholm or Copenhagen. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy Hop-On Hop-Off Tours in both these destinations and get a 10% discount when you book your Gothenburg ticket online!