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3 must-see hop-off attractions

3 unmissable hop-off points in Singapore are Suntec City, Marina Bay Sands and Chinatown. Suntec City is the ideal place to start your Singapore Experience, a superb shopping centre with access to both the Yellow and Red Sightseeing Routes. Bus stop 3 on the Yellow Route is Marina Bay Sands - an amazing complex of buildings well-known for its boat-style roof across the top of 3 buildings. Chinatown is found on the Red Line at bus stop 10. Hop off and soak up the unbelievable atmosphere, with awesome Chinese-style buildings - a real cultural hot spot.

Our Singapore tip

A top tip to ensure you get the most out of your visit to Singapore would be to get a 48-hour ticket, which gives you more time to appreciate the city and everything it has to offer. You will save 37% compared to purchasing the tour on two separate days, leaving you more spending money to take advantage of the things to do in Singapore!