June 13, 2019

Top 7 Things to do in New Orleans

From great jazz bars to mouth-watering cuisine to a rich cultural heritage, New Orleans is unlike any other city. Everyone should visit the Big Easy at least once in their lives and experience this lively city which always has something to see and do. Check out all the things you shouldn’t miss when in New Orleans!

1. French Quarter

One of New Orleans’ most historic neighborhoods, the French Quarter, is often referred to as the heart of the city.  It embodies the soul of New Orleans with its jazz clubs, historic restaurants, and boisterous nightlife. The French Quarter is where you’ll find the renowned Bourbon Street and some of the most interesting characters of the city.  

To find the French Quarter just hop-off at Stop #2 at the French Market.  This open-air farmers market takes you into the French Quarter and is a mecca for fresh produce, art, and local crafts.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the free guided tour of the neighborhood that comes with your 3-day ticket, and meets at Stop #12!

2. Jackson Square

If you hop-off at Stop #1 you´ll find yourself in Jackson Square.  Many think of Jackson Square as the most historic landmark of New Orleans.  Over 2 million people visit per year and it is host to many city events. If you have any interest in art be sure to take a stroll through the park to see the open-air artist colony.  Any foodie will be excited to know that just steps away from the square you will find the notorious Cafe du Monde and their world-famous beignets. No trip to New Orleans is complete without checking out Jackson Square.

3. Garden District

While it may be less famous than other neighborhoods the Garden District may also be the prettiest.  Here you’ll find some of the best preserved historic mansions of the South. A great way to see it all is to take advantage of the free guided tour, included with your 3-day ticket.  When you hop-off at Stop #12 you´ll be able to find the tour meeting point. Besides its grand mansions, the Garden District is also famous for its dining on Magazine Street. Right in the middle of Magazine Street you will find clusters of restaurants, shops, and renovated warehouses.  Here you can explore some of the City’s local charm.

4. The National WWII Museum

Hopping-off at Stop #10 will get you to the National WWII Museum.  This museum was designed by the U.S Congress in order to serve as America’s official WWII museum.  The powerful and distinguished exhibits remind us of the strength, sacrifice, and courage of the young Americans who did their part to serve their country.  The mission of the museum is to do its best to share the story of why the United States found in the war, how it was won, and what this means to the world today. Many visitors walk away not only informed but inspired by what they learn inside.

5. Mardi Gras World

Even if you’re not in the city during Mardi Gras you can still get the feeling of it year round at Mardi Gras World.  This is the largest float designing and building site in the world, where more than 80% of all the Mardi Gras floats are made.  You’ll have the opportunity to try on authentic costumes, tour the warehouse, and learn about the Mardi Gras culture. All you have to do is hop-off at Stop #16 to start your own Mardi Gras adventure!

6. Lafayette Cemetery

One of the many things that makes New Orleans so unique is its cemeteries.  Lafayette Cemetery was founded in 1833 and was constructed above ground to save space and prevent flooding.  Today it is one of the oldest city governed cemeteries in the United States, and while it might seem a bit strange, is a popular tourist destination.  Be sure to take advantage of the free self guided tour included with your ticket to see what all the hype is about. Hop-off at Stop #12 and see the tombs of locals like the famous Mayfair Witches and Lafayette fireman!

7. Harrah’s Casino New Orleans (Stop #18)

Located at the foot of Canal Street and steps away from the Mississippi River, Harrah’s Casino New Orleans serves as a tribute to the New Orleans of the 1800s.  Back then, New Orleans was home to the original American gambling casino. This interesting past pairs nicely with the mysterious and magical vibe New Orleans has now.  Besides its casino and nightlife, Harrah’s is also filled with specialty bars and restaurants. Whether you’re trying to escape the weather, enjoy a more upscale night out, or have already hit the major sights of the city, a fun-filled night at the casino is a great option.  Hop-off at Stop #18 and enjoy a fun night out on the town!

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