July 20, 2018

Secret Stops- New York: Episode 5

When visiting New York, you might want to spend some time around the World Trade Center (Stop #10), also known as “Ground Zero”, in order to learn more about the events of 9/11 or pay your respects to those who lost their lives that day.

Visit the 9/11 Museum to take a closer look at what happened that horrible day and spend some time reading the names engraved in the 9/11 Memorial. It is even more impressive to admire this memorial from nearby hotel terraces.

Next, get your One World Observatory ticket and enjoy the views from the highest building in New York. Once you are done visiting this incredible place, we suggest going to the Oculus building, which was built in 2016 and features the Westfield World Trade Center shopping center and the World Trade Center Station.

There are plenty more things to do around this area that are not related to 9/11. Walk around and have a look at the City Hall and St. Paul’s Chapel. Continue towards the iconic Wall Street to see the New York Stock Exchange, visit Trinity Church, and pay a visit to the famous Charging Bull.

You are almost done with the lower Manhattan! Just one more stop. Get to the Battery Park, which features a SeaGlass Carousel, the Battery Gardens, and an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty.

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