April 4, 2019

Helping Local Governments Manage Tourism Growth Sustainably

The first City Sightseeing operation was launched in Seville, Spain, in 1999. In honour of its 20th Anniversary, the global brand discloses its future strategy with regards to urban tourism and how to help cities manage tourism growth. This strategy comes from studying its international network of over 100 destinations in more than 30 countries.

Since first offering a single open-top, double-decker tour bus service, City Sightseeing has evolved and now offers a wide array of products, including boat tours, sightseeing trains, and guided walking tours. Furthermore, City Sightseeing is becoming a marketplace for the most exciting tourist experiences in the most popular destinations in the World by creating combination tickets with popular attractions in each city. Throughout the past 20 years, international arrivals have increased significantly, making overtourism one of the travel industry’s main challenges.

To help manage the influx of visitors, City Sightseeing operations propose to:

  1. Create new products to encourage visitors to explore new areas in cities.

Travellers are no longer interested in being seen as “tourists”. On the contrary, visitors want to discover unbeaten tracks in popular destinations, to explore new things to see and do, and to enjoy destinations as locals. Today, City Sightseeing partners with attractions throughout different cities to create combination tickets in order to help promote all areas of any given city.

  1. Distribute visitors throughout a city.

Just as important as highlighting new attractions to avoid overtourism in historical city centres, is the creating safe and reliable transportation to get visitors to these different places. City Sightseeing tours take travellers to the most iconic areas of a city by allowing them to hop-off in the most popular places and hop-on again in order for them to continue exploring that city.

  1. Technology

Today, City Sightseeing has API connections with the worlds leading OTAs, which allows for a seamless customer journey from the moment they book until they arrive in one of our destinations where we can provide additional services and upsell multiple attractions and activities. This has allowed City Sightseeing to evolve from a Hop-on Hop-off service provider to an experience provider.

Through these different technological advances, City Sightseeing is able to work hand-in-hand with local governments to manage the flow of tourists in different cities. By moving people around an entire city to each attraction, museum, or place of interest, City Sightseeing is able to avoid overcrowding in one specific area and take business to different areas of a city, thus ensuring the money a traveller spends is spread more evenly across a city.

Enrique Ybarra, founder, President, and CEO of City Sightseeing Worldwide, is excited for this new strategy he says will be part of providing a solution to overtourism and spreading the wealth throughout different cities. “We are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant industry, one which supports one in 10 jobs, and to provide solutions for continued sustainable growth.”

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