September 5, 2018

Corfu: The Emerald Queen of the Greek Islands

With a historic centre declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, Corfu is definitely the perfect destination to visit almost all year round due to its amazing cuisine, sandy beaches, and picturesque villages. Hop on with City Sightseeing Corfu and let us take you around this breath-taking place.

Also known as the emerald queen of the Greek Islands, Corfu features an astonishing old town influenced by the Sicilian, the Venetian, the French and the British. When visiting this paradise, you cannot miss the Old Citadel, the New Fort and the impressive old fortifications.

As for the weather in Corfu, it is usually bright and sunny and you will probably be lucky enough to spend a fantastic day by the sea. You will never run out beautiful beaches to visit. We suggest heading to Porto Timoni, Nissaki Beach, or Mirtiotissa Beach to spend the day soaking up the warm sun and splashing about in the pristine water.

Want some more places to explore? Make sure to head to the little villages, trek the mountains, admire gorgeous views at Kanóni, and discover amazing places such as Paleokastritsa, known for its authentic taverns and amazing blue bay Paleá Períthia.

Corfu is also known for its wonderful museums and art galleries, such as Achilleion Palace, the Museum of Asian Art, the Archaeological Museum, and the Municipal Art Gallery. Similar to many other Greek Islands, ancient ruins still remain in Corfu even though some were destroyed during WWII. Nevertheless, it is possible to appreciate the beauty of the Temple of Artemis in Korkyra, the ancient city of Palaiopolis and the Monument of Menekratis in Garitsa.

Last but not least, in case you haven’t fallen in love yet with this breath-taking island, did we mention the island’s delicious cuisine? With a mix of Greek and Venetian flavours, you will never go wrong when ordering, but you definitely have to try the mouth-watering Sofrito, Bourdeto, Bianco, and Pastitsada.

From its multi-cultural heritage to its historic monuments, stunning natural landscapes, crystal clear waters, and amazing food, Corfu is truly heaven on earth. It has everything that will make you want to stay there forever. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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