February 10, 2019

City Sightseeing Russia Goes to the North Pole!

City Sightseeing Russia embarked on an adventure of a lifetime and made their up to the North Pole with hopes of exploring the entire Polar Circle and reaching the northernmost part of continental Europe. Three brave hopefuls from the City Sightseeing operation in Russia trekked their way through the gorgeous snow-covered terrain from starting on the 4th of February. Today, their journey came to an end, however, we would like to take you all down memory lane and relive this crazy trip!

Photo: City Sightseeing Russia


First Stop: Napapirri

The journey around the Arctic Circle began in Napapirri, otherwise known as Santa’s Village. Our three explorers, who are all still children at heart, fulfilled their childhood dreams of meeting Santa and experiencing Christmas magic in February. They are not the only ones to do so.More than 500,000 tourists visit the village annually! The majority of visitors come from England, southern European countries, Germany, Asia and, where else, Russia.

Starting at Napapirri was definitely the best way to kick off the forthcoming five-day journey to the northernmost point in continental Europe.

After several days of travelling and sleeping in isolated villages, City Sightseeing Russia were finally able to admire the breathtaking beauty of the Polar Circle. They reached the northernmost point of Sweden and the westernmost point of Finland. They took this opportunity to make their way to three countries in less than 30 second! In a blink of an eye, our adventurers travelled from Finland to Sweden to Norway.

While the temperatures were freezing and the journey was demanding, for City Sightseeing Russia, the trip to the northernmost point of continental Europe was without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience and one which will be cherished forever.


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